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Bolidt is the initiator and founder of AREA78, an experience and interaction centre where a virtual and a physical world come together at a unique location. The co-makers have shaped this thought together and will start using AREA78 after the opening, late 2018.


Etap Lighting, founded in 1949, is active in professional lighting for offices, factories, schools, hospitals, shops and hotels. Etap develops lighting solutions from a to z: creating lighting concepts, designing, industrialising, producing light fittings and supplying light fittings.

AREA78 co-maker Etap
AREA78 co-maker Friesland Campina

S + B

Masters in practical and sustainable designer furniture. S+B specialises in customer-specific and innovative design concepts that are user friendly, sustainable and beautiful. Everything under one roof: from consulting and design to production, installation and maintenance. S+B works for clients in areas such as education, laboratories, the retail industry, interior construction and the hospitality sector. Power is knowledge, quality and craftsmanship where emotion and functional design play an important role. The connecting element is always the material that has endless applications.


Together with our employees and partners, we offer our client peace of mind concerning development, construction and multi-year maintenance. Together with you and our partners, we provide insight into our project proposals and carry these out according to the agreements made. With sincere commitment and interest for your environment and your request. In this manner, we build up trust and a valuable relationship.
Through a direct and open dialogue with our clients and partners, we develop future-proof buildings. We link this to a smart approach to cost-efficiency, our expertise and focus on “operational excellence”. In this manner, we arrive at sustainable solutions with added value.

AREA78 DeVriesVerburg
AREA78 Bruns


Started in 1963 as a specialist in model making, Bruns has become a strong family company with a leading position as manufacturer of innovative, interactive exhibits and complete experiences. Curiosity. That is what drives us. We love to find out how things work. Or why they won’t work. To come up with a solution. A solution that ensures that what we make are not just inanimate objects, but real experiences. That encourage visitors to be curious. We believe that an idea only really comes to life as soon as you can actually touch it. If you want people to touch something, you first have to make them curious.


Concrete industry De Hamer is service- and solution-oriented and a leader in precast sewage systems and pavements. De Hamer contributes to creating a more sustainable society through developing and supplying innovative concrete solutions. As well as a broad range of products, De Hamer supplies well-known brands such as Wascon washed concrete tiles, Aqua Mensurastone, VoegStone, SilenTone, Permeo pipes, Colum pipes and MetroMax drill pipes. Concrete industry De Hamer is part of the BTE Group.
The BTE Group consists of eight precast concrete companies and one concrete technology centre, each with their own specialities. Thanks to this diversity, BTE is active in 95% of all construction sectors in Western Europe.

AREA78 De Hamer


BITO produces, supplies and advises on complete warehouse installations. As an international company, BITO already has more than 50 years of experience in numerous sectors. As one of the few actors in the market, they offer an extensive and innovative assortment for your warehouse: ranging from, e.g. label holders or transport containers to complex shelves and order picking systems. Thanks to continual product innovation and investment in ultra-modern production methods, BITO has become one of the European market leaders.

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