Bolidt’s new build programme includes a modern logistics centre, an Innovation Centre and a prefab production facility. These are all emerging side by side in two sustainable Breeam Excellent buildings. Follow the progress of the construction work below.


S+B is working on our unique R&D laboratory in the Bolidt Innovation Center. An inspiring workplace for our lab technicians.

21 JANUARY 2019

Even the cruise decking systems on The Terrace are winter proof.

10 JANUARY 2019

A sneak peek of the floors on the first floor in the Bolidt Innovation Center.

18 DECEMBER 2018

More than 40 floor and decking systems in different colors are installed in the Bolidt Innovation Center, which requires good preparation and precise execution.

23 NOVEMBER 2018

The Ted, the imposing yellow-colored stand that creates the connection between the ground floor and the 1st floor, which is also a showcase for seamless floor connections. Wait until the front side has been finished.

16 OCTOBER 2018

Stocking has started, the new warehouse has a capacity of 2300 pallets.

4 OCTOBER 2018

Test runs with the new Still order picker in the warehouse.


The warehouse is ready to be stocked.


Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Bolidt Innovation Center as well. One of the sustainability aspects for Breeam Excellent certification.

13 AUGUST 2018

The final touches to the exterior of the Prefab production facility are being completed; the prefab production lines will be installed in the next few weeks.

26 JULY 2018

Preparations are being made for The Terrace. A ‘masterpiece’ that will feature more than 25 systems.

3 JULY 2018

The lines in the warehouse are already visible.

20 JUNE 2018

The first preparations are made for the flooring in the warehouse.

14 JUNE 2018

This week, the curved glass panels for the rounded corners of the Innovation
Center will be placed. The glass exactly follows the smooth line of the building.

2 MAY 2018

Bolidt Innovation Center reaches highest point.

30 APRIL 2018

Laying the floor for the prefab production facility is obviously a task we do not back away from!

19 APRIL 2018

Placing the curved wall panels is a real team effort!

30 MARCH 2018

We’re planning ahead! Equipping the Innovation Center with underfloor heating for the cold times ahead.

13 MARCH 2018

Currently, the external walls of the Innovation Center are being placed.

16 FEBRUARY 2018

Looks impressive from above.


Good morning AREA78!

31 JANUARY 2018

Step by step the shape of the building becomes visible. And we’re almost waterproof, well the roof anyway…

18 JANUARY 2018

The structure is up! Our future is gradually taking shape. #workinprogress

12 DECEMBER 2017

The Netherlands has turned into a Winterwonderland. But De Vries en Verburg isn’t scared of a little snow. Their hard work continues on the Innovation Center.

22 NOVEMBER 2017

The first part of the roof has been placed on top of the steel construction. This roof will play an important role in the Innovation Center. To be continued…

15 NOVEMBER 2017

The external walls of the prefab production facility have been placed just in time for winter.


We’re working hard on the steel construction of the Innovation Center. An impressive piece of work!

25 OCTOBER 2017

The building process of the prefab production facility is continuing steadily. Both the roof and internal walls have been placed.

16 OCTOBER 2017

The steel construction of the prefab production facility is up and the concrete floor has been laid.


Great aerial shot of AREA78 by Jeroen Musch. We’re making progress…


Before you know it, there is a steel construction of the prefab production facility.

8 AUGUST 2017

In the last month, they have worked hard on the foundation of the Bolidt Innovation Center. At the moment, work is being carried out on the last part of the foundation.

31 JULY 2017

The work is not completely stopped during the building trades holiday. They are still working hard on the foundation of the prefab production facility. The contours of the building are becoming very clear.

19 JULY 2017

Before the building trades holiday begins, the concrete is cast for the ramp with road surface heating. This requires teamwork due to the high temperatures and the expected rain. Quickly and adequately reacting to changeable situations.

12 JULY 2017

Project manager Mark from De Vries en Verburg is present at AREA78 5 days a week.
According to Mark, the most challenging part of the construction is where the extraordinary steel construction frame will be connected together. “The shape of the building is what makes it a unique project to me.”

3 JULY 2017

As the first foundations of the Innovation Center have been poured, the outline of the building is starting to become visible.

22 JUNE 2017

The work on creating solid foundations is well under way. All the piles in the ground around me are necessary because of the pressure that the 7-storey shelves will put on the flooring. Hence, we need a solid foundation.

13 JUNE 2017

Peter Smits, Innovation Center Project Director at Bolidt, is proud of the developments taking place at Bolidt: “With the warehouse moving to this location, we’re one step closer to bringing all our departments under one roof and making our production as LEAN as we possibly can”.

05 JUNE 2017

Preparations for starting the piling work on the prefab production facility site have been made. This facility will give the production of prefab products – prefab marine decking and terrace boards – a considerable boost.

01 JUNE 2017

A hive of activity at the construction site. The first series of piles for the Bolidt Innovation Center has been driven into the ground.

The driving of the piles holds another special significance. The 300 piles that will be driven into the ground first, carry the names of people who have made an important contribution to Bolidt’s success in the past 53 years, whereas Bolidt is looking ahead with the next 300 piles. These carry the names of partners that the company would like to collaborate with in the future. For Bolidt and its partners, the driving of the piles therefore represents the kick-off for the coming 50 years.

16 MAY 2017

The ‘AREA78’ project in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht has officially started.
Today the first pile has been driven of Bolidt’s Innovation Center. The Innovation Center will immerse visitors in the world of synthetic flooring, marine decking, surface courses and other applications. The new build will also increase our storage capacity and boost the production of prefab products.

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