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GETGRIPP is a young and entrepreneurial real estate firm that has its focus on developing and managing complex real estate objects. Creativity, integrity, professionality and innovation are core values while striving for maximum corporate value for the users and owners of the real estate objects. The real estate concepts that are developed are based on thought through business plans that aligned the real estate asset with the primary objectives of its user.


Lüchinger Architects (LA) is a Dutch architectural firm which has been established in Rotterdam since 2005. With our team of enthusiastic designers and structural engineers, we realise unique and innovative projects for national and international organisations. Master plans, interior designs and bridges also belong in our portfolio. We like pleasant living and working spaces with much attention for detail, finishing and natural lighting. Buildings in which people can spend time pleasantly and which attract attention thanks to their iconic or sometimes modest appearance. Our design philosophy goes beyond an attractive, sustainable, functional and technically advanced building. We are experts in, together with the client, developing a vision of the meaning of a building for the entire organisation.

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RoosRos Architects is a full-service architectural firm. We provide all aspects of the trade: from concept development and design right up to technical development and site supervision. We work with over 50 colleagues from two offices: one in Oud-Beijerland and one in Goes. Our portfolio distinguishes itself by a great diversity of projects, both large and small. We tackle a small private assignment with as much passion as a large company premises or a complex urban planning project. Not only do we translate your wishes and requirements, but also your dreams into a high quality design.


Kossmann.dejong is an international design studio specialising in exhibition design and interior architecture. Our portfolio spans from temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums to visitor centres, historic sites, brand experiences and engaging interiors. A connection between content and imagination is what characterizes Kossmann.dejong’s design approach. Through a combination of different media and collaboration across disciplines, we aim to design meaningful, narrative spaces that inspire visitors, appeal emotionally and provide lasting experiences.

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IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs

For the development of the challenging Bolidt Innovation Center, IMd has actively advised from the start of the project to integrate the main supporting structure with the architectural design. Due to a clear structure in the floorplan an uncluttered steel structure has been designed which contributes to the language of the design. In combination with hollow floor slabs, large column-free areas are realized with a fast construction system. Together with Lüchinger Architects, IMd has aimed at an optimal integration between image and supporting structure.


For all kind of installation issues.
Experience, quality, knowledge and enthusiasm.

We don’t act different, but we are different.

AREA78 Beekink
AREA78 DeVriesVerburg


Together with our employees and partners, we offer our client peace of mind concerning development, construction and multi-year maintenance. Together with you and our partners, we provide insight into our project proposals and carry these out according to the agreements made. With sincere commitment and interest for your environment and your request. In this manner, we build up trust and a valuable relationship.
Through a direct and open dialogue with our clients and partners, we develop future-proof buildings. We link this to a smart approach to cost-efficiency, our expertise and focus on “operational excellence”. In this manner, we arrive at sustainable solutions with added value.


Unica is the largest independent technology provider in the Netherlands with 14 locations, 10 specialized companies, 3 regional project companies and approximately 2,000 employees. Unica offers clients comprehensive and sustainable technological solutions for safety, comfort and communication.

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AREA78 Bruns


Started in 1963 as a specialist in model making, Bruns has become a strong family company with a leading position as manufacturer of innovative, interactive exhibits and complete experiences. Curiosity. That is what drives us. We love to find out how things work. Or why they won’t work. To come up with a solution. A solution that ensures that what we make are not just inanimate objects, but real experiences. That encourage visitors to be curious. We believe that an idea only really comes to life as soon as you can actually touch it. If you want people to touch something, you first have to make them curious.

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